Mark Gormley - Without You (2008?)

Strong candidate for best music video ever made.

Just stumbled upon this comp of Turkish psychedelic rock. It’s a mixed bag and the packaging is silly, but there are some real gems.

Get it here.

Venetian Snares new album My So Called Life is great, you should check it out. The track Who Wants Cake? samples this bit from the show Strangers With Candy, Stephen Colbert’s old project.

Listen to the track here:

XTC - Sgt. Rock (1981)

New Wave, Post-Punk, or what have you. Weird nerds making herky-jerky guitar music, oh yes.

Mad Professor - Flash Forward into Dub (1985)

Didn’t realize the Orb sampled this on their 2nd album — I always assumed they had done the original recordings.

Johnny Wakelin - Africa Man (1978)

So insensitive. How did this get made?



Health beginning their set before I joined the mosh pit, thereby redeeming the day’s weather/venue issues.

All hell breaks loose during high winds on the last day of Whartscape. With a rainstorm coming in, shows are postponed indefinitely until weatherproofing can happen.

Lightning Bolt, whartscape 2010.

Arab On Radar, whartscape 2010.

No Age at whartscape 2010.

Double Dagger. The guy from Future Islands is holding a bandana as a sun barrier for the drummer.

Ed Schrader! At whartscape 2010.

Yip-Yip sets up, aided by mr. Deacon.